Lolo Fall – Gunung Nuang (16 July 2017)

  • Another Weekend & Another Passion for being in Nature 🙂
  • Starting 8 –Breakfast @ Ampang Point
  • Hulu Langat —-Nice Road
  • Gunung Nuang Base Camp
  • 10:00 a.m. Starting
  • 200 Meter or Less to Way to LOLO FALL
  • Mosquito Party — We are Breakfast for them
  • After 1 huour reach a Road — Keep going With Mosquito … (Recommending having Long Slevel Shirts + Pants + Lot of Mosquito Repellent !!!
  • + Salt for Lovely Leeches — they are Hungry as well 🙂
  • After feeding Leeches + Mosquito   we reached end of the Road
  • River Crossings starts here
  • Either Jump Jump or start enjoying the Cold , Clear Lolo River water ….
  •  Be aware of Flash Floods  , Rainy Seasons (Monsoon) Mid-Oct till March!!!
  • After 1.5 hrs cool hiking we reach the “Air Terjun Bomoh Ali” (Bomoh Ali Waterfall)
  • Stay here as much as you love — it worth compare to what you are expecting to explore next!!!!!
  • we stopped around 2 hrs here!!!! Swimming and Tarzan Hanging is part of the Party !!!!
  • Skipped the second fall (by mistake used the uphill and not follow the River!!!)
  • reach the Gunung Nuang Road after 45min …
  • Leeches clearance process!!!!! SALT
  • continue uphill for another 30 min and back to LOLO FALL
  • 5 p.m Retun from Road and 6:40 reached the Ranger Park
  • Beautiful 5 k.m Walking …..
  • Dinner@Double Quantity!!!!


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Best Source for every waterfall:

State Selangor
Location Pangsun, Ulu Langat
Coordinates and map N3 13.84 E101 54.09
Water Source River
Waterfall Profile Vertical fall






lolo fall




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